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6 Amazing Types of Goldfish

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Are you into Goldfish? Do you want to know the most amazing types of goldfish species? If yes then you are at the right place. Goldfish is one of the most readily available freshwater fish. There are numerous types of goldfish available in the market. The average size of a goldfish is 4 inches. This guide will acquaint you with the types of goldfish available so you can choose what you like the most.

6 Most Popular Types Of Goldfish:

1.Common Goldfish type:

Common Goldfish like its name suggests is the most commonly seen goldfish, it is of orange, yellow or white color. This goldfish has a long body with a short and single tail. Normally it grows to around 10 inches under favorable conditions. But there is a record for a fish reaching 19inches of length.

2.Comet Goldfish:

Comet goldfish are also single-tailed with a long body. The difference between a common goldfish and a comet goldfish is that comet goldfish has a long and fancy tail, unlike common goldfish. Comet goldfish can be seen in yellow, orange or white color. They may also contain yellow or white blotchy coloration. They can also grow to a large size.

3.Fantail Goldfish:

Fantail goldfish are the most common fancy goldfish type out there. These goldfish have an egg-shaped body, elongated dorsal fins, and a long fancy tail. Unlike extreme fancy varieties, fantail goldfish are very agile, active and require less maintenance as compared to extreme fancy varieties.

4.Bubble Eye Goldfish:

These are very strange looking goldfish, they have a sac filled with water under their eyes. Their sacs grow with age and become more beautiful as they grow. You have to keep good care when you have Bubble Eye Goldfish in the tank. You will have to remove everything that is sharp or pointed, as it may burst the sacs. Although sacs can grow back, it may lead to infections. Always keep slow-moving fancy fish with Bubble Eyes goldfish because other agile fish might pop their bubbles perceiving them as food.

5.Telescope Eyes Goldfish:

These are also fancy types of Goldfish, they have protruding, round eyes. These are also known as Bulging Eyes Goldfish. Telescope Eyes goldfish is similar to Bubble eyes goldfish. Their eyes are less sensitive then Telescope Eyes Goldfish but great care must be taken to protect their eyes. Because their eyes cannot grow back.

6.Oranda Goldfish:

This type of fancy Goldfish has a fleshy mass on its head known as wen, which is its peculiar characteristic. Some people say the wen resembles a lion’s mane. A young Oranda has no wen and resembles a normal Fantail Goldfish, its wen grows and becomes prominent as they age. It should be kept in mind that Oranda’s wen should be protected from damage.

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