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Dog Care: The Ultimate Guide

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Planning on keeping a dog as a pet? What do dogs need? Is your dog happy with you? How to make a dog daily care routine? These are the questions that linger into our minds when we already have a dog at our homes or are planning to get one. When you have a dog it is your sole responsibility to take care of its needs and give it the love it deserves.

Nobody knows for sure when dogs became a man’s best friend, but it all began with the wolf. Around 12000-14000 years ago wolves and humans came closer and that is when this relationship started developing. Dogs are descendants of wolves. Wolves slowly transitioned to dogs through breeding and domestication.

Dogs are amongst the most widely kept pets and are one of the most loyal animals. A faithful dog can even sacrifice its own life for its owner making it a man’s best friend. A dog will love its owner selflessly, so it is the duty of its owner to give back the same love and care which his pet dog deserves.

Top dog care tips:

1.Healthy food:

Dry food of premium quality provides the dog with a balanced diet, it can be mixed with broth or water. Avoid giving human food to your dog. You can give fruit and vegetables too but in a small quantity. Give access to clean water 24/7 so that your dog remains hydrated all the time. If you plan on giving it homemade food then cook the meat or boil it properly to get rid of any bacteria. Make sure not to overfeed your dog as obesity leads to diseases. The quantity and the type of food to be given is dependant on the breed, age, and weight of the dog.


Like humans dog also needs regular exercise to burn calories, feel fresh and stay healthy and is a part of dog daily care routine. Lack of exercise leads to sluggishness and obesity. Exercise boosts up a dog’s mood and keeps him happy. Your dog really looks forward to fun exercises like the chase, fetch and running. So always include exercise in your dog care routine. It is recommended that your dog spends at least 30min to 2 hours of exercise daily but it all depends on age, breed, weight and overall health.


Grooming is part of dog daily care. The most common problem related to dog hygiene is ticks and fleas, these not only irritate your dog but can be harmful to humans too. Ticks and fleas if not controlled can multiply rapidly. So it is mandatory to check for fleas and ticks especially during warm weather. Use a medicated shampoo for ticks and fleas. If still ticks and fleas exist then go to a vet. In addition, give bath to your dog at regular intervals and comb regularly to reduce shedding of hair.


Your dog needs a quiet, warm and comfortable place to sleep in. It’s true that a dog spends most of its time outside its shed or house, but it needs proper housing that gives him a good night’s sleep and shelters him from extreme weather conditions too. The bed can be made of pillows or a soft blanket, make sure to clean it after some time.

5.Spaying or neutering:

Female dogs should be spayed and males neutered by six months of age. By spaying or neutering, you do not only control the population but you are doing good to your pet too. Dogs tend to become less aggressive and live a longer, happier life when spayed or neutered Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer which is very common in dogs. Immediately after spaying or neutering great care for your dog is needed.


You should get your dogs vaccinated regularly. Your dog is exposed to various infections, vaccination strengthens the immune system and improves overall health. There are many vaccinations available you should always consult the vet for it.


Dog daily care involves handling a dog, it can be difficult at times because dogs often become hyperactive. You should never pick your dog with its forearms, you should always give support to the back of its body and pick it up from the chest. Make sure that the collar is not too tight. For big dogs, it is preferable to use a body harness so you will have a better grip over controlling your dog without putting too much pressure on its neck. When you take your dog for a walk, out where there are people around it is always best to keep him on a leash rather than setting him free.


A dog is a highly social animal and loves the company of its owner. So it is the owner’s duty to give him his time, attention and the love he wants. Dogs become sad and gloomy if neglected by the owner for a long time. Sometimes when a dog becomes too upset it might stop eating and drinking and may fall sick. Love and affections are two things that are the fundamentals of dog care.

It is best to consult your vet If you face any problem regarding your dog. Self-diagnosis and treatment can lead to adverse results. Take good care of your dog as he relies completely on you for everything. Good dog care nurtures a loving relationship between the dog and its owner.

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