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Goldfish Care: A Quick guide

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Are you thinking about getting a goldfish? Do you know how to keep good care of it? Why don’t you have a look at this quick guide that will acquaint you with the best practice for Goldfish care?

Goldfish care is not difficult, but you should know how to make your goldfish live a healthy and long life. Goldfish make excellent pets. These fish are one of the most readily available, inexpensive and popular fish in the world, this is what makes goldfish an ideal pet fish.

Descendants of Prussian Carp, though these Goldfish look nothing like their ancestors who were dull colored. Hobbyists and breeders have always been fascinated by the vibrant colors of different varieties of goldfish.

Here are some tips that will guide you from getting a healthy goldfish to keeping it healthy and happy.

Some Basic Goldfish Care Tips:

Choose healthy goldfish:

When buying a goldfish it is necessary to select a fish from a tank that is clean and contains healthy fish. Even if a goldfish is healthy but has sick tank mates, then the chances are your fish will also fall sick.

  • .Select a fish that has vibrant color, clear eyes and smooth scales
  • Keep a close eye on the fish for at least 5 minutes to see how active it is
  • Healthy goldfish have unclamped fins

Maintaining the tank: An Integral Part Of Goldfish Care

Bowl vs Tank:

Common mistakes which fish owners make is that they choose bowl over the fish tank, fishbowl does not provide enough space. Moreover, you cannot add any filter or accessories due to lack of space. So a fish tank is the best option.

For a single goldfish experts recommend a size of 40-gallon tank and a size of 55 gallons if two goldfish are there.

Goldfish are very sociable so you can keep 2 or more fish together, just make sure not to make the tank overcrowded.

Goldfish Tank cleaning:

Experts recommend that there should be a partial change in water after every week. 15 to 20 percent of water should be replaced with fresh water treated by the water conditioner. Walls of the tank should be scrubbed thoroughly. If thorough cleaning is required then empty the tank and clean the tank and everything in it properly. However, it is preferred to not remove the fish while cleaning the tank, as it may cause environmental stress to the fish.


Gravels at the bottom of the tank make the environment more likable for your goldfish. It also has certain beneficial bacteria that break down the waste material. In addition, gravels make the fish tank look more natural.

Goldfish Care accessories:


A filter in the fish tank is an extreme necessity because it filters the water, aerates the water for fish to breathe and also keeps the water flowing i.e doesn’t let the water become stagnant.

2.Thermometer and a Heater:

A thermometer helps to keep a track on temperature. Experts recommend a temperature of 65 and 68 F. Heater helps to keep the temperature warm.

3.Tank cover and light:

Tank lid prevents fish from jumping out and light enables you to see the fish in the dark.

4. Ph scale:

It will help you in monitoring the ph.

5.Water conditioner:

It removes chlorine when you perform water changes furthermore it detoxifies chloramines and also removes heavy metals from water.

6.Plants and Rocks:

Rocks provide goldfish with shelter and live plants absorb nitrogen.


Apart from water being treated by the water conditioner which dechlorinates the water, the temperature of 65 to 68 Fahrenheit is the requirement for a common goldfish. It is necessary to maintain the temperature, always make sure you choose the heater which is specified for your tank size. A ph of 7.2 to 7.6 is ideal for a goldfish. If the Ph drops then you must change the water. Ph meter will help you monitor the ph.


Goldfish are notorious overeaters. The rule of thumbs is to be followed, it means that the quantity of food should be such that it could be consumed within 5 minutes, excess food should be removed. Experts suggest giving flaked food or pelleted food specifically designed for goldfish. Flaked food loses its nutrient as soon as you open the container so pelleted food is a better option. Boiled vegetables or shrimps can be given as treats but it is preferred not to give live food, to prevent disease transfer. Feeding twice a day in sufficient amounts that will be consumed within 5 minutes is a good practice.

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