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Hamster as a pet: Hamster care

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You might have seen hamsters very commonly but do you know how good is hamster as a pet? Do you know how to do hamster care? These are the questions that linger in our minds.

Hamsters are timid animals, there are over 25 species of hamsters in the world. Hamsters rarely display aggression or unsatisfaction, so it is the owner’s duty to observe his little friend and keenly discover what is going on in his mind. Hamster care is necessary for the nurturing of a good relationship between a hamster and its owner.

Hamsters in the wild are nocturnal animals and sleep a lot. They are rarely social with other hamsters, so their best friend is, of course, its owner. So it is the owner’s responsibility to keep good care of it and not neglect it or its needs.

Hamster as a Pet: Hamster Care Tips

1. Cage size:

Fancy cages that attract us might not necessarily please hamsters, so it is necessary to get a simple yet spacious cage or an aquarium where hamsters can reside in comfort. A hamster requires a minimum of 360 square inches of floor space, anything less than that means the owner is not providing it with good space. It needs enough room to play in. Bedding should be present in the cage to burrow itself and feel like home, just as they do it in the wild. If the owner provides it with sufficient space, the hamster will remain contented at all times and will start beginning to like its owner.

2. Healthy hamster food:

Hamster care is primarily dependant on a good diet or good quality hamster food. Like humans, these little rodents also need to get a balanced diet. Feeding them something that does not fulfill their needs is not right. Hamsters are very sensitive animals and seem to get sluggish because of the improper diet. Moreover if fed the same hamster food daily, they get bored or uninterested in eating.

Their health might get deteriorated, so it is necessary to change their diet or provide them with a variety of hamster food. Some hamster species like dwarf hamsters are prone to diabetes so it is vital to keep a good check on the diet. Do not treat them with sugary treats very often as this might prove fatal to them.

3.Hamster Toys:

Hamsters are very agile when they see toys, they get active and play with them. It is necessary to buy those toys that do not scare them so it is best to buy small chewable toys that they can enjoy. There is a prevailing mindset in pet owners that getting hamster wheels might please them The reality is the stark opposite, this exhausts the hamsters brutally. So toy selection is crucial.

Humans do not want their babies to play with a dangerous toy so the hamsters should not be given toys that pose a threat to them. Hamsters are very fragile creatures and great care must be taken while handling them.


Hamster care involves companionship too. It’s common to mistake pet owners to commit, they leave their hamsters with the toys and only provide them with food and water. But this is not right, hamsters have adapted themselves to regard their owners as their friend. So they need their owners’ attention and their time too. They want their human friend to play with them because they feel lonely too. They are great attention seekers and get very excited when their owners come to visit them.

Hamsters do not get along with other hamsters, but they are excellent with humans. Hamsters like to be cuddled gently, and when contented they lick their owner’s hand.


Hamster relies heavily on its owner for its care. Because of the lack of accessories present in the cage hamsters cannot clean itself properly or groom itself. For this, the owner needs to groom its hamster frequently. Hamster is a rodent and like other rodents its teeth grow long and sharp, this can be dangerous because if angry hamsters have been reported to bite. So it is better to get its teeth trimmed when it gets long. Some species like Syrian hamsters have a long and furry coat which needs a lot of care and brushing because fur gets tangled and matted.

Every pet big or small has some expectations from its owner, so it is the duty of every owner to take care of his companion in the best way possible.¬†Good hamster care is necessary for the nurturing of your companion. Keeping a hamster as a pet requires a lot of dedication and time so make sure you can fulfill all your hamster’s needs before getting one home.

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