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10 Most Bizzare Facts About Dogs

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Who is a man’s best friend, possibly better than humans? You guessed it right, it’s about DOGS. People who love dogs would probably know about the basic facts about dogs, but in this article, we have some very unique and bizarre facts about dogs. Let’s dip deep into the world of these majestic, fierce yet adorable creatures. 

Let me present to you 10 of some interesting facts about dogs:

Rolling in the deep…. Filth?

Ever wondered why your dog loves to roll in mud or anything you find disgusting because for you it may be rubbish but for your dog, it is divine and makes them happy, this is probably the most unusual fact about dogs isn’t it?. It may also be due to the reason that they want to mask their own smell.


We are not the only one with dreams, researchers have found that dogs experience the same wave pattern as we do while dreaming, so the next time you see your buddy barking or performing in his sleep know it’s a dream.

Puppy dog eyes are fake!

Yes, you read this right. Another very interesting fact about dogs is that those puppy dog eyes are not a result of them feeling guilty because they don’t feel that emotion, it’s just a reaction of being scolded and we interpret it as if they are guilty. Those little shoe chewers are not guilty one bit.

Everything is not black and white

Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not only see in black and white. In fact, they can see on a blue and yellow scale, but cannot distinguish between red and green. So they see colors just not as vividly as humans due to having only 2 cones in their eyes to detect color as compared to humans who have 3.

A wagging tail has its own story

So here’s another interesting fact about dogs, next time you see a dog wag its tail, don’t assume that he’s happy. If the tail is wagging ferociously along with tensed muscles or dilated pupil it means aggression. When your dog is wagging low, it means they are insecure. Happy wags are towards aright and when the poor little creature is frightened they wag their tails to the left. 

So focus on the wag of your dog’s tail, it might be giving signs of their emotions.

Disease detectors

Your best buddy is not only a loyal companion but may help you detect diseases in humans. It is found that dogs can sniff out the cancer cells in your blood, the can detect malaria before you know you have it. It can also detect epileptic seizures and know when your insulin is dropping in diabetes.

Nose print is the new fingerprint

Possibly every animal and human has a physical uniqueness in them which is theirs only. Just like every human has a unique fingerprint, the dogs can be distinguished by their nose prints. No two dogs are likely to have the same nose print.

A song just for the dogs

If humans can be made feel special then why not dogs. We all know who The Beatles are, at the end of one of their songs “A Day in The Life” they recorded an ultrasonic whistle which is only audible to dogs, according to Paul McCartney. So next time play this song and observe your dog enjoying music to his ears.

They can smell your feelings

Apart from so many other things, here is another interesting fact about dogs; they can smell your emotions. Any slight change in your scent can help your pup detect what kind of emotion you are going through. How amazing is that? No wonder they are called man’s best friend.

Intensely jealous creatures

So with being a best friend comes the emotion of territory, dogs get very jealous if they see you giving attention to some other creature. So maybe for the well-being of next-door neighbor’s dog, don’t go close or else….

There is so much to these creatures than meets the eye. They are a wholesome package of love, friendship, loyalty, protection, guidance and much more.

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