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10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

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DXE979 Beautiful purebred dog walking towards the camera.

Whether you are a dog owner or you want to get a dog, you should know which dog breeds are popular. The dog is one of the most kept pets around the world and is also one of the most faithful animals. There are around 192 registered dog breeds around the world. In the USA alone there are over 90 million dogs. But we have chosen the 10 most popular breeds to discuss. Don’t worry if your dog companion is not on the list, we cannot discuss every breed.

So here are the breeds that are popular:

1.Labrador Retriever:

The Labrador is the most popular breed, it is sturdy and a midsize dog. Its height varies from 21.5 to 24 inches and weighs around 55 to 80 pounds depending upon gender. It has a thick coat which comes in chocolate brown, golden and black color. Labradors are highly intelligent, loyal and loving dogs. They are good with kids, family and even neighbors. They demand regular strenuous exercise to keep them in good shape.

2.German Shepherd:

German Shepherds are highly intelligent, docile and capable working dogs. These dogs are popular guard dogs, security dogs, for the assistance of handicapped, military dogs and as a loving companion. Its height varies from 55 to 65 cm and weight around 50 to 90 pounds depending upon gender. German Shepherds come in a variety of different colors and coat.

3 different colors of German Shepherd

3.Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retriever is a sturdy, medium-sized dog that is popular for its dense, lustrous and golden coat. Its height varies from 21.5 to 24 inches and weight varies from 55 to 75 pounds depending upon gender. These dogs are used as a guide for the blind, search and rescue and are loving companions too. They have a fluffy golden tail. They are amazing companions and are also compatible with small children.

4.French Bulldogs:

French bulldogs are categorized as miniature bulldogs. These are rare dog breeds and require a lot of care. They are only kept as pets and as show dogs. 

French Bulldog


Bulldogs are also categorized as miniature dogs, although they are bigger than French bulldogs. These are also pets as pets and as show dogs. Bulldogs have a broad characteristic head.  These dogs are very good with kids and are also very lazy. Its weight varies from 40 to 50 pounds and its height from 1 to 1.4 ft.


Beagles are compact, small, sturdy and docile dogs. Beagles are excellent companions and due to excellent sniffing ability are used for hunting of rabbits and hares. They are scent hounds so they require a lot of attention and training. Beagles are the dog breeds that can look cute but are actually ferocious if provoked.


The poodle comes in 3 size varieties: standard, miniature, and toy breed. Poodles are show dogs. These dog breeds are difficult to maintain because they require a lot of grooming. All poodles can be well trained and can be kept as house pets.


A Rottweilers height varies from 22 to 27 inches and weight around 80 to 135 pounds. Rottweilers are robust working dogs, they were bred to drive cattle originally. Later they were used in the military due to their intelligence, obedience, strength, and masculinity. A Rottweiler has a thick short coat with rust markings that give it a very sleek appearance. These dogs are aggressive when it comes to protecting their owners. If raised properly Rottweilers are an amazing companion, lovable dogs, and world-class guardians.



A pointers height varies from 23 to 28 inches depending on the gender and weighs 45 to 75 pounds depending on the gender. The pointer is the ultimate package of canine power and grace. The breed’s name comes from its job description, hunting for birds. Pointers come in various solid colors. Pointers have great speed and agility. Loving companion and a loyal pet are the characteristics of a pointer dog.


10.Yorkshire Terriers:

The Yorkshire terrier is a compact toy breed dog, it weighs not more than 7 pounds. Its silky coat of golden and black color covers its whole body till its feet, this coat is a symbol of its glory. Most people are fooled by its cute size, in, reality these dogs can be feisty, brave and aggressive too at times, all the traits of a true terrier. These dogs are good watchdogs as well as good and loving companions. Apart from this, they are popular show dogs, across America.

Yorkshire Terrier

Do check out the Dog care guide and get to know all the secrets to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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