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Amazon Rainforest Fire: What Caused it?

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Amazon rainforest is a very large rainforest that covers an area of 2300000 square miles, that 40% of Brazil’s total area. Amazon Rainforest is the world’s richest and diversified biological reservoir containing millions of species of birds, plants, insects and several other life forms. It also consists of a wide variety of trees such as laurel, acacia, palm, rosewood. Brazil nut and rubber tree.

Everyone in this world benefits from the Amazon forest, it helps to maintain the ecosystem. It reduces the greenhouse effect of gases, houses millions of wild animals, and reduces global warming effects. But as the forest is being eaten away by deforestation, mining, agricultural activities and logging it might not be able to provide a buffer. Another major threat to Amazon forest’s life is fire, recently a number of fires have been raging throughout the Amazon.

What Caused the Amazon Rainforest Fire?

An unprecedented number of fires have been burning in Brazil in 2019, it intensified in August. This year more than 7400 fires have erupted, which is record-breaking. Deforestation is to be blamed for. People cut down the forest and then set the remains to fire to clear out areas for agriculture. Sometimes this fire spreads uncontrollably. If Amazon dies, so will we because there won’t be a system to regulate the ecosystem.

How Much Damage can it Cause?

Amazon Rainforest is considered a vital ingredient in slowing down global warming. It gives out the world’s 20 percent of the oxygen and has 10 percent of the world’s biodiversity. It is also sometimes called the lungs of the planet. Now just imagine what the destruction of the Amazon will cause. The water that we drink, the air we breathe, the ecosystem and the wildlife will have an impact because of the destruction of the forest. This fire has also caused 500 tribes living within the Amazon to relocate.

How Big are the Fires?

NASA has said the scales of the fires are so big that they can be seen from space. According to authorities, more than one and a half football fields space is being destroyed every minute daily.

What can we do to help the Amazon Rainforest?

The first thing we can do is to donate to the Amazon team, along with local organizations that are involved in the Amazon Rainforest. Our small donation could make a lot of difference. The second thing that can be done is to show our outrage, talk to our family members and share it on social media to create awareness. Educating people is very important, people should be educated about the importance of a forest and how valuable it is for us.

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