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8 Amazing Facts About the Black German Shepherd

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Now, who doesn’t know about the conventional german shepherd? It is probably the most common dog in the world. But have you seen a black german shepherd? I am sure not many of you are aware of these majestic dogs. Some people think that this is a separate breed, that’s the first misconception. The black german shepherd is just a german shepherd with an all-black coat.

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8 Facts About the Black German Shepherd That you Probably Didn’t Know

The German Shepherd and the Black German Shepherd are the same breeds :

As mentioned earlier the black German Shepherd is simply a German Shepherd with a black coat.

The Black German Shepherd differs slightly physically from a conventional German Shepherd:

The black German Shepherd mostly has a straight back, long coat, and a slightly bigger size than a normal German Shepherd. Its mane is often flowing and skirting on either side of the body. These properties are not seen in a normal GSD.

Puppies of Black German Shepherd are born Black:

The conventional German Shepherd pups are born white, brown-black or grey. After 8 weeks they change and that is when their true color emerges. But the Black German Shepherd pups are born black and remain black throughout their life.

A conventional German Shepherd producing Black German Shepherd Pups:

Genes play a vital role in the physical characteristics of any animal. To be more clear, A german shepherd of black and tan color might have a recessive gene for black color. So the pups born will be of Black color. For this, both parents must have the recessive gene trait.

Black Color Myths

Some people fear the black german shepherd, they think that it might be fierce, untrainable and aggressive. But fellas, let me tell you that it has the same temperament, obedience, intelligence and loyalty as any other GSD. 

Black color Has its Price

Sorry to break it to you, but the black german shepherd is expensive as compared to a normal GSD. Well, that’s because it is rare, and you have to pay the price for something valuable. Roughly it will cost you twice the money required for a normal GSD.

Price of a normal GSD pup 300-900$

Price of a  black GSD pup 700-2000$

Health Issues:

Despite having a mean and sturdy appearance, the black GSD is prone to health issues like all german shepherds. The biggest and widespread problem is elbow and hip dysplasia. It is caused due to obesity and overweight. The condition is characterized by ball and socket joint malformation which can result in limping and arthritis. Other common problems are:

Digestive problems



Heart disease

Spinal disease

Eye diseases

Special Grooming Care required:

The black GSD requires frequent grooming whether you have a medium coat or long coat dog. Its crowning glory requires special care.

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