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Amazon Forest Fire: A Nightmare

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Amazon forest, home to millions of animals was once a very beautiful, green and scenic forest. For now, fires have been raging throughout the Amazon forest. The cause of the fire has already been discussed. Humans are to be blamed for all the destruction caused. The homes of millions of animals will be wrecked and many animals will perish.

How are the Amazon Forest Fires Affecting the Wildlife?

Amidst the fire, animals have very few choices left. They could either burrow in soil or go into the water, but water will only give temporary refuge to animals. Some animals might escape the fire by moving out of the forest while others will die. Even if the fire doesn’t kill the animals within the forest, smoke inhalation will.

Some Animals have a Better Chance of Survival

Certain animals have some traits that help them with survival. Animals such as pumas or jaguars that are fast-moving and mobile may be able to escape the fire. Birds also have a very better chance of survival, as they may fly away easily. But slow-moving animals such as anteaters or sloths might not make it. Small creatures such as the frogs, lizards and other insects may die because they cannot move out of the fire path quickly.

How the Amazon Forest Fires are Affecting Endangered Animals?

There are a few species that are only native to Brazil and authorities fear that we might lose these species forever. Milton’s titi, a monkey that was discovered in 2011 was only seen in the south region of the Amazon. And this part of the forest is burning. Mura’s saddleback tamarin, a monkey that lives in central Brazil is also under threat. The giant otter is an endangered species and now because of the fires, the situation for them is even more critical.

How the Amazon Fires are Affecting the Aquatic Life

The aquatic animals are at risk due to fires. The ash from the burnt down trees falls off into the rivers, depleting the oxygen levels of water and making it hard for aquatic animals to breathe. The fire has also raised the water temperature making the survival of aquatic animals difficult.

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