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Can you have an Owl as a Pet?

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Owls are one of the most fascinating and exotic birds in the world. The famous Tv series Harry potter has inspired us that Owls can make amazing pets. But let’s get practical can we have an owl as a pet? Owls are wild birds and keeping a wild animal at home as a pet is never a good option. Yet still, it’s not impossible. There are many things you need to consider if you plan on keeping an owl as a pet because its not a parrot or a canary bird we are talking about.

Some Challenges you will Encounter if you Plan on Keeping an Owl as a Pet

Legal Issues:

It is legal to own owl as a pet in the UK, but in the US you cannot own a native owl. Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects these birds. License for keeping an owl will only be granted to those individuals who are falconers, keeping an owl for breeding or educational purpose, part of a rehabilitation program.

Owls Require Way too Much Space:

These birds require huge aviary to live in where they can exercise regularly. And must have access to fly in and out. They also need a place to bathe regularly to keep their feathers clean.

Owls have a Specialized Dietary Requirements:

Owls are carnivorous birds so they require fresh meat such as mice, rodents and small chickens. And feeding raw meat is not very pleasant. Birds seeds, pellets, and vegetables are not an option for an owl. 

Destructive Behaviour:

In the wild Owls are fierce carnivorous raptors. When kept in captivity they will shred your pillows and might even destroy your furniture. Keeping a wild animal at home is not an easy task, it requires pure dedication and consistent care.

Finding a Vet is Difficult:

Only a specialized raptor vet can deal with an owl. Your general vet cannot provide proper treatment.

Owls are Nocturnal:

Nocturnal animals are active in the night and sleep during the day. This creates problems as owls make noise during the night and you and your neighbors might get disturbed.

Owls need constant care:

Owls are very demanding birds, they need your constant attention. Once they get acquainted with you they will never be comfortable with any other person. This means that you can never leave your bird with a petsitter. If you want to own an owl you might want to forget traveling as long as you have this bird.

Owls Make a lot of Mess:

Owls are carnivores which means that their poop contains digested meat and it has an awful stench. Moreover, they poop a lot. This creates a very problematic situation for the owner, regular cleaning of the aviary or cage is needed.

If you are up for these challenges and you still think that you can handle an owl as a pet then you can have one. But owls are wild birds and they belong in the wild so it is never the best choice to have one at home.

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