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Endangered Bats: A species near extinction

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I am sure not many are aware of the bats, but the fact is bats are very fascinating animals. And did you know Bats are the only true flying mammals, pretty neat? Bats usually live in caves and it becomes difficult to get access to them, there are many species of endangered bats. There are over 1300 species of bats in the world.

One of the world’s rarest species of bats is now on the brink of collapse. This species is known as the Cuban Greater Funnel-eared bat which is now classified as endangered bats. It is now only confined to a cave in western Cuba. According to a survey, there are only 750 of these bats remaining in that cave which means 750 in the whole world.

The Cuban Greater Funnel-eared bat was actually declared extinct but in 1992 it was rediscovered.

Fossils of this species have been found all around Cuba and nearby islands, which means that once it was widespread. The bat’s survival is dependant on the cave and human activities. If the cave collapses there will be no surviving bats. The officials have taken action on securing the cave and limiting access to anyone unauthorized.

This species of endangered bats cannot be kept in captivity as they die when taken out from the humid environment so their only chance of survival is the cave in which they exist.

Why are Bats Important to Human Survival?

Bats play a major role in maintaining the environment. Some bats pollinate the flowers, while some bats help control pests. Sometimes bats act as biodiversity indicators which means that when there is a change in biodiversity it is indicated by a change in the population of bats.

Quick facts about Cuban funnel-eared Bats:

The Cuban funnel-eared bats are only found in a single cave in western Cuba.

Its diet consists of insects such as beetles, moths, and crickets.

Funnel eared-bats are on the verge of extinction due to the fact that their habitat consists of hot caves only.

All Bats are blind.

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