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Is Bulldog Breed the Right Dog for You?

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Have you ever wondered which breed will be best for you? Today we will be talking about the bulldog breed, so you know if it will suit you the best or not. It’s extremely important to make an informed decision rather than regretting it later.

The large head, loose skin hanging, pushed-in nose, hanging jaws, small ears, and a small muzzle. Yes, these are the features that define a Bulldog. It is a short dog with thick and muscular shoulders. The coat is fine textured and short. It comes in various colors.

How many of you remember Spike, the bulldog from the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry? I am sure all of you are well acquainted with him. Bulldog is one of the most distinctive breeds and because of its unique characteristic features, it is probably one of the most loved dogs in the whole world. Now let’s get down to business, let’s discuss this breed.

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Some Facts About the Bulldog Breed:







Life span:

8 to 10 years


Bulldogs have emerged in British isles even before the 13th century. They were used in sports, as bull-baiting where they used to chase Bulls throughout Stamford. After the ban on bull-baiting, bulldogs faced the threats of extinction. But then dog lovers started breeding this dog as a pet dog breed. Bulldog also serves as a symbol for England. Now, this breed is admired as one of the best breeds in the world.


These dogs are gentle and sweet. They are very loving and demand a lot of love. They are very good with children. Due to the fact, that they were originally bred for bull-baiting they make fine watchdogs too. They get along with other pets too. Bulldogs require regular exercise and brisk walks, at least 20 minutes a day.


They require the same care as any other dog. The wrinkles on the face of the bulldog should be cleaned regularly to prevent infections. You do not need to own a yard to have these dogs as pets. Yes, that’s right, even an apartment will do for these dogs. Bulldogs require moderate exercise. They have breathing difficulties in a hot climate, so they are best suited for cold and temperate climates.

Generally, bulldogs drool a lot, plus they snore loudly too. They have a short coat which requires little grooming.

Nutrition plays an important part in the overall health of the dog. These dogs are prone to obesity so carefully manage and calculate the calorie consumption for your dog.

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Why You Should Choose the Bulldog Breed?

Let’s conclude our topic now, now I am going to list some points that make Bulldog stand out so you can make a decision whether you should get one or not.

  • Bulldogs will never be aggressive with their owners despite their intimidating appearance and the fact they make great watchdogs.
  • Bulldogs are an amazing watchdogs and can get really aggressive if intruders try to sneak in your house.
  • They are funny and stubborn, now who does not love that?
  • These dogs are very intelligent and talented
  • They require only moderate exercise so you do not need to be an athlete for that
  • Bulldogs are amazing with children, they will let your child do anything to them. That’s because they have a calm temperament
  • They are adorable. Just look at them don’t you just love them?

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