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Panda Cubs Born at Berlin Zoo

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Pandas are adored all around the world, that is because unlike other bears, pandas are very cute looking and fuzzy animals, what’s cuter are the panda cubs. Their distinctive black and white color pattern and cute chubby appearance add up to their cuteness. But did you know that pandas were one of the most endangered animals on earth? Thanks to conservation efforts pandas are now downgraded to vulnerable species that are at risk of extinction. Panda population has increased by 17% during the last decade. About 1864 pandas exist in the wild in China.

The Panda has a special significance when it comes to species conservation all around the world. Panda is also the logo for WWF since 1961. It is also the National symbol of China. Panda plays an important role in the Bamboo forest of China, by helping the vegetation grow and spreading the seeds.

Berlin Zoo is Blessed with Twin Panda Cubs

On Sep 2 twin panda cubs were born in Berlin, the zoo is extremely happy and celebrations are being made. This is because it’s the first time panda cubs are born in Berlin. It is extremely difficult to breed pandas in captivity but the Berlin zoo has defied all odds. The panda cub’s parents were given to Berlin as a token of close relations by China. However, the cub’s identity is still Chinese and cubs will have to be returned to China within 4 years.

If you are expecting cute fuzzy babies then you are wrong. When panda cubs are born they are nothing like their parents, they are born pink with slight white fur and long tail. Although the first hour was very crucial for the babies but the babies are in good health and the parents are also doing very well.

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