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Animal Conservation: Project to save the Animals in Wales

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We all know the reputation that precedes amphibians and reptiles. They are that part of our society that is misjudged and moving towards extinction due to the effect of “survival of the cutest”. But we often forget that they are an important part of our ecosystem. Animals in Wales related to these classes are in danger to become extinct and steps are needed to save the animals. Animal conservation measures are needed to prevent animals from becoming extinct.

Why are their numbers declining?

With humans taking charge of the world and interfering with nature, collateral damage is bound to happen. There are a number of reasons why herpetofauna’s numbers are declining, especially the animals in Wales:

Loss of connectivity due to the modernization of life i.e. invasion of their natural habitat to construct new homes, and roads.

Intimidation of the amphibians and reptiles due to people and noise which hinders their mobility.

Villainization of these animals on the basis of their looks and defensive mechanism to protect what is theirs as gifted by mother nature.

Drying up of ponds due to global warming.

Species Under Threat in the UK

There are a number of species of both amphibians and reptiles that need to be protected before they become extinct. Some animals in Wales are:

  • The Great crested newt is one of the species protected by the law but even then they are in danger because they need a cluster of ponds to survive in case one of them dries up.
  • Grass snake population in Wales is declining due to the similarity of yellow marking with poisonous adder.
  • Toads which are thought to be common are far from being common, have completely gone in some parts of the UK.

And like these, there are many more species of amphibians and reptiles whose population is going down and animal conservation is highly needed for balance.

Project “Connecting the Dragons”

Almost more than 50% of amphibians and reptiles are under threat of being extinct globally. There are hardly any big organizations for their conservation. Even with all the conservation NGOs, herpetofauna is of the lowest priority. ‘Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) Trust” is a trust made to work with the government and help save the animals.

Connecting the Dragons (CtD) is a four-year project across Southern Wales to focus on raising awareness and saving the declining and scattered population of amphibians and reptiles and restoring them out of danger. They plan on working on approximately 76 sites, engaging the local community as well.  Due to adequate funding finally, real work can start to save the animals in Wales that is its heritage.

The objective of this Project:

The main objectives of this project are to:

  1. Increase connectivity between the targeted declining species by creating a new habitat.
  2. Remove the negative image of the species with people by engaging them in a controlled environment.
  3. Create a network of people who are passionate about the cause to keep the survey going in the future as well.

Why Save the Animals?

We, as humans need to understand that this earth is not only our property but we share it with a gazillion other creatures who may or may not have been on this earth before us. These creatures not only share this planet but also make it livable for humans. They are an integral part of our ecosystem and we should save the animals rather than causing them to go extinct due to our actions.

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