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Animal Welfare act by California: Ban on Animal Fur

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We all know how animals are mistreated and killed just for the sake of the fur. But California has again proven itself that it is indeed a leader in Animal Welfare. California has become the first state in America to put a ban on animal fur, which includes the production, manufacture, and selling of Animal fur products.

From 1st Jan 2023 whoever living in California won’t be able to sell any product made from Animal Fur.

Animal Rights groups strongly support the change to the law and this was necessary for the welfare of animals. Animals were badly mistreated and inhumanely killed for animal fur.

Tracy Reiman, PETA’s Executive Vice President said, Today is a historic day for Animals living in California.

Ban on Animal fur products

However, this law won’t cover cowhides, dog and cat fur, leather, and the full skin of deer, goats, and sheep.

Faux fur and second-hand fur will not be covered by the ban.

Ban on Circus Animals

The use of wild animals like bears, Tigers, Lions, and other wildcats in the circus has been banned in California. Cats, dogs, and horses will not be covered under this Ban.

If someone in California is found to break the law of Animal fur ban then he will be charged with 500$ and if a repeated crime is found within a year, then he will be charged with 1000$.

Who else Banned the Animal fur?

During the start of this year, Prada a well-known fashion brand announced that it will be going fur-free. The Italian fashion house has confirmed that from next year, no future collection will have animal fur products. Gucci, Versace, and Chanel are other big brands that are supporting and following the ban on animal fur.

London fashion week had said in 2018 that it would be going fur-free and department store Selfridges has decided to ban the sales of exotic animal skins. This ban will become active from Feb 2020.

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Why Animal Fur Ban is Important Globally?

Animal fur farming is being done throughout the globe. What’s wrong with this is the fact that animals are crammed into wired, small or meshed cages, where they spend their entire life before getting killed ruthlessly. This is absolutely inhumane, imagine living 8 months of your life confined to a cage only to be killed afterward. These animals suffer and their fate is a brutal death. Moreover, many endangered animals are ruthlessly killed which is affecting the ecosystem too

What we can do for Animal Welfare is to promote awareness to Ban Animal Fur products globally.

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