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Australia celebrates the birth of a rare monkey

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Amidst declining numbers of endangered animals, there is some great news. Yes, folks, you heard it right the good news is that an incredibly rare monkey that is known as Francois Langur was born in an Australian zoo. This species is one of the rarest monkeys on earth. The rare monkey was born in Sydney’s Taronga zoo and it is a male.

This might be an odd-looking monkey to you but the fact is that these monkeys are very agile and intelligent. It is very important to put up efforts in conserving these beautiful and endangered species before they get wiped out from the face of this earth.

Francois Langur is a critically endangered species that is only found in Vietnam and China in the wild. Poaching and encroaching development have led to its declining numbers.

Francois Langurs are very rarely seen in the wild, and its babies are even more rare to be seen. The baby has a distinctive bright orange color that lasts only a few weeks, after which it starts to darken and then the resemblance between and adult and a baby occurs.

The Sydney zoo gives an approximate estimation that there are only 3000 of these rare monkeys in the wild.

Most people are unaware of this beautiful species so we are going to share some quick facts about this beautiful rare monkey.

Facts About Francois Langur, the rare monkey:

  • These monkeys prefer to sleep in caves or crevices
  • Their main diet consists of leaves but they also consume fruits, seeds flowers
  • They have special chambered stomach for the digestion of tough and rigid leaves
  • They are also sold as pets or are used to prepare traditional medicines
  • There are around 116 of these monkeys living in the zoos worldwide

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