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Cat Neutering, a Good or a Bad Decision?

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I know that most people regard cat neutering as a cruel act because your beloved cat has to go through a painful procedure of surgery. But the fact is something very different, there are numerous benefits of neutering/spaying a cat, or even a dog. And people need to understand this that neutering not only benefits your pets but it also benefits you too. But everything has its price, there are some negative aspects of neutering/spaying too. We will discuss all the aspects so you can make an educated decision about your pet.

Neutering or Spaying is commonly done at the age of six months, but it can be done as early as 8 to 10 weeks too. But it’s safer to neuter or spay an older cat.

For males, the term used is neutering and for females the term used is spaying.

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Positive Aspects of Cat Neutering/Spaying

Population Control:

By spaying/ neutering your pet you will contribute to birth control. Millions of pets result in being homeless due to the increasing population and many are euthanized. So you could prevent that.

Prevention of Diseases

When you get your female cat spayed before her first estrous cycle, the risk of cervical, mammary and ovarian cancer is greatly reduced. Removing the ovaries results in decreased levels of hormones that might cause these cancers. The estrous cycle means when a cat goes into heat.

Neutering your male cat prevents testicular cancer and prostate problems.

Feline AIDS and Feline Leukemia are two diseases that are spread by biting of a diseased cat, neutered/spayed cats have a very less urge to fight over a mate. Thus these diseases are prevented.

Less Roaming Around

When males and females go onto heat they have an urge to mate. They will move out of the house as soon as you open the door. They will try to escape and can get into all sorts of troubles outside. By neutering/spaying you can prevent this.

No Urinating Around the House

Male cats urinate on surfaces to mark its territory, it alerts other males that another male has marked his territory. The urine has a very pungent smell. Neutering a male cat eliminates its urge to spray.

Female cats secrete a body fluid when they go into heat, this attracts males. By spaying your cat you will prevent this from happening.

Reduce Fights or Disputes

Due to a hormonal system, unneutered male cats seek mates and defend their territory against other males. This results in disputes when they come across another male, especially when a female cat is nearby.

Cost-Effective if Compared to Having a Litter

The cost of spaying/neutering is less than caring for a litter. And caring for the litter takes up a lot of your time too.

Negative Aspect of Cat Neutering/Spaying

Surgery risks:

Everybody knows that Neutering/Spaying involves surgery. Even though this procedure is common but still there are some risks involved with this procedure. There are chances of developing infections but that is rare. Moreover, anesthesia is also involved which also has some risks.

There is a misconception that Neutering or Spaying may cause weight gain. But this is just a myth there is no proof of that. Lack of exercise and improper diet is the reason behind it. There is no relation to weight gain with Neutering.

Now you can clearly conclude that the positive aspects of Neutering/Spaying outweigh the negative aspects. I know that many pet owners find it difficult to inflict their pets with such surgical procedures. But this is the best option for you and your pet.

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