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How to care for your Cute Kittens

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If you’re here reading this then, congratulations! You are now a proud parent to a cute kitten or cute kittens maybe. Or it may be that you might be planning to get a kitten. Whatever the case is you might want to get through a kitten care guide. These little furballs can melt the hardest of hearts, with their tiny pink button nose. To care for your cute kittens is like to care for a baby. Their needs are totally different from an adult cat. They rely on you for everything.

Now getting straight to the business of the ultimate care guide for your cutest of kittens.

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Stock up the Supplies

If you plan on adopting or fostering a kitten be sure to be equipped with all the essentials. 

Litter box: initially keep the litter box in the same room as your kitten so that they can be well accommodated with it.

– Cozy bed: kittens like to sleep in a warm cozy place to make them feel safe.

– Scratch post: if you don’t have anything for them to scratch, then be prepared to sacrifice your carpets or sofas.

Other things include separate dishes for food and water, grooming supplies, safe toys are something, to begin with.

Age isn’t just a Number

Whether you plan to adopt a kitten or are just blessed with their responsibility due to being orphaned, in the best circumstances you must know their age. Ideally kittens up for adoption are of more than eight weeks of age, because earlier than this means they can’t even poop by themselves.

Under eight-week kittens need their mothers or a foster nursing cat with a litter or you’re in for more than what you think. Reason being that they cannot regulate their temperature and need other litter mates to be kept at an appropriate temperature. They need to be bottle-fed every 2 hours. They’ll even need your help to poop. So it is suggested to know what age your cute kitten is in order for it to survive.

Keep Your Eyes Open for a Good Vet

The next step for your “mew” companion should be a visit to the vet. For the sake of your kitten and yourself, you should get your kitten checked by the vet for any birth defects or illness. Vets are also the ones who can guide you in detail specifically about your cute kitty needs so you may give it the best and healthy life ahead. The visits should not stop here but should be regular.

Kitchen Food for your Cute Kitten

Another essential point for the well-being of your purring little friend is their diet. Now you may think that the best diet for a kitten is milk but cow’s milk is not at all beneficial for your cute kitten, in fact, it may even cause them to poop around a lot due to tummy disturbance. The best diet for your kittens whether dry or wet or both is food especially only for kittens with high-quality protein and easily digestible by them. Till 6 months of age schedule their feeding 3-4 times a day, and when they reach adulthood bring it back to two times a day. Always be sure they have a clean bowl of water.

Nurturing the Forces of Nature

BEWARE of the time when your cute kittens start to gain its more complex motor functions, it could only mean that you have a tiny destructive machine at your hands or well in your home. This is by far the best stage of a kitten where it is extremely energetic and playful.

Do not get fooled by your cute kittens You need to kitten proof your home before the coming of age because for them everything is a toy from a fallen leaf to your mother’s favorite vase. So in order to protect your little one from getting harmed, you need to keep it in a safe place and a vigilant eye on it.

Necessary Precautions for your Cute Kittens

The first and foremost priority for you should be the health of your kitten, which in turn will be beneficial for you. Be sure to vaccinate and deworm your kitten timely. Keep an eye out for any odd behavior, do not self-medicate them, they are not like humans. Never be shy to consult your vet at any time. Neuter or spay before them coming of age, will protect them from the discomforts of heat or getting pregnant adding to the already overpopulation of abandoned or stray cats. 

Bond, Love, and Care

The pets you bring into your home should be made a part of your family and not just some piece to show off. They are helpless creatures in the world full of cruel humans and well nature, so be their protectors, give them love, snuggle with your furballs while watching TV, talk to them, pet them, give them snacks as treat for good behavior. Nourish their hearts with love and they’ll give you their innocent love back.

Kitty Party for your Cute Kittens

Interact, interact, and interact. The more you’re into your kittens live, the more it will turn out to be an attached cat. Do not leave your four-legged companions alone for a long time, they tend to get into trouble when unsupervised if the home is not kitten proof.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on their toys, they are simple animals just crumple up a piece of paper and you’ll see them hopping around it, attach it to a string and now they have a chasing game on. An active kitten will always be a healthy kitten and won’t go towards obesity.

So there you have it, you are hereby pronounced a certified capable kitten owner by the power vested in me by me. May you and your cute kitten live a long, happy, healthy and playful life together.

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