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What is a Liger Cat?

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I am sure you people might have drawn pictures of animals mixing 2 or more animals and creating one animal, in your childhood. Well, some people grew up and created a real hybrid animal that is known as the Liger, it’s not the first time someone created a hybrid animal but the Liger is one of its kind. Now you all must be wondering what is a Liger? A liger is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger.

Some Details About a Liger

People ask what is a liger? how does it look like?Lions and Tigers are of different species but the same genus that is the reason they are able to cross-breed and produce a hybrid. What’s amazing about this animal is that it is bigger than both its parents making it the world’s largest cat. The Liger is not a new hybrid, it dates back yo the 19th century in India. The first cubs were born between the late 1700 and early 1800.

Ligers can only be kept in captivity because they are unfit for survival in the wild, that is why Ligers can only be found in zoos and enclosures.

Characteristic Features of a Liger

Ligers are large, sturdy and muscly animals. Male ligers have a main but shorter than a lion. Sometimes Ligers have faint stripes that are inherited from their mother. They have a broad forehead with dark, tawny fur. Ligers love swimming just like a Tiger. It weighs 320-550 kgs and can run up to 80kph.

Interesting Facts About a Liger:

  • The Liger is the world’s largest cat
  • Ligers suffer from obesity due to its limited size of enclosures or cages
  • A hybrid from a male tiger and a female lion is known as Tigon, it is smaller than a Liger
  • Hybrid cats are mostly infertile, they cannot reproduce
  • Ligers resemble a lion more than a tiger
  • Cross-breeding of Ligers is unethical

The Sad Reality about Ligers and Tigons:

In the wild lions and tigers do not mate, they only coexist in the forest of India. Even there they avoid mating with each other. When a hybrid is produced they lose some traits and have a lower chance of survival. That is why Ligers cannot survive in the wild. Ligers and Tigons both suffer from deformities such as dwarfism and gigantism. It is best not to mess with nature and not produce such hybrids. People exploit these hybrids for profits and attract a lot of visitors.

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