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Grooming a Cat: A Complete Guide

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Everyone has seen how efficiently cats lick themselves clean, that might make you think, grooming a cat isn’t necessary, they are natural groomers. But you might slightly be wrong. As much as it is true, grooming a cat is just as essential for its health. Let’s dive in for an amazing guide for grooming a cat.

Start Early

If you adopt a kitten it is best to start grooming from the start. Earlier the grooming sessions, better will your cat adjust to it. 

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Positive Interaction

Grooming your cat should be a positive and enjoyable session for your cat. Restraining or stressing out your cat will only make things worse for the both of you and link grooming with negative vibes. If you are having a bad day, put off grooming your cat for that time to avoid any mishap. 

Make a Bond

It is essential to gain the trust of your pet before diving into grooming. Initial grooming sessions should be short with keeping you feline buddy in your lap and patting it when it’s comfortable you start your grooming but keep it minimum to 5-10 minutes. Gradually increase the time until it becomes regular in your cat’s routine.


You should brush your cat’s hair irrespective of its length. This has a number of benefits for your cat i.e.

  • Brushing your cat regularly helps to spread the natural oil across its coat.
  • It lessens the number of hair that your cat will ingest while licking itself clean, avoiding any digestive tract obstruction.
  • Keeps them tangle-free and removes dirt.
  • It helps you check for any parasitic infestation.

Short-hair Brushing

If your cat has short hair you only need to brush it once a week. Use a metal comb to brush through its coat, a rubber or bristle brush to remove dead skin.

Long-hair Brushing

Long-haired cats need to be brushed every day. Start by brushing its belly and legs, with a bristle or rubber brush start in an upward motion to untangle its knot.

How to Bathe a Cat?

Your cat doesn’t need bathing all the time, so how often should you bathe a cat? how to bathe a cat? Only when it rolls in the mud or gets under a car and gets its coat oily. These are the times your cat definitely needs a bath. Though most cats do not like to take a bath, so you need to be very careful while handling your cat. Following are the steps on how to give cat bath :

  • First brush, detangle your cat’s coat. 
  • Clip out your cat’s claws.
  • Place a rubber mat to avoid slipping of your precious fur buddy.
  • Fill up the tub 3-4 inches with lukewarm water ONLY!
  • Place your cat in the tub and wet it with a hose or fill water in a plastic pitcher for pouring.  
  • Do not get water in your cat’s eyes, ears or nose.
  • Use a shampoo for cats only to gently massage it over its body, do not use human shampoos as they tend to dry out your pet’s skin.
  • Watch it off gently with water and dry your cat with a big towel.
  • Reward it with a toy or a snack to link happy memories with bathing.
  • Do not stress your cat in any step.

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How to Trim a Cat’s Nails

Trimming your cat’s nails is an essential part of it’s grooming as it avoids any injury due to long claws getting stuck somewhere while scratching. Also, it will save you from cuts and scratches while playing with your fur buddy. The paw zone of your feline friend is a no-go zone, if you notice, whenever you touch its paws your cat will retract it back. So how to trim a cat’s nails if they won’t let us touch it. Here is what you can do to make this process easier for yourself and your adorable furball. 

Tips on How to Trim a Cat’s Claws

Do not touch your cat’s feet for the first time when you’re about to clip its nails. Start prior to foot massages. You can start by running your hand up and down its leg and gently pressing its toes one by one, making sure you are not stressing your cat. If your cat moves away do not force it, try again the next day. Be sure to praise it a lot during and after the foot massages and give it treats. Every cat is different but usually, they get accustomed to it in a week or two. Once your cat is comfortable with you touching its feet, you may begin the nail clipping.

Here are the steps on how to trim a cat’s nails:

  1. Place your cat in a comfortable position.
  2. Gently press its paws and the cushiony pad underneath that will lead to the extension of your cat’s claws.
  3. Use a high-quality, sharp cat nail clipper and cut the white part of the claw just before it starts to curl.
  4. Be careful not to cut a vein called the “quick” in its nail, the pinkness can be seen through the nail or it will start bleeding.
  5. Do not cut all the claws in one sitting, make sure your cat is comfortable with the sound of the nail cutter if it is stressing your cat out leave and try again some other day.
  6. You can cut your cat’s claws after ten days to two weeks.
  7. Do not declaw your cat, it is part of its body, that will be cruelty to your precious ur baby.

While clipping your cat’s nails be sure to check the pads underneath its paws for any foreign object or cut, if present visit a vet immediately.

Ear care

Usually cleaning of ears is not needed, but during grooming, a cat one needs to check all parts of it. If your cat has any dirt or excessive ear wax in its ears, gently clean it with a cotton swab, if it is too deep in the ear go to a professional groomer or your vet. Also, check for any cuts or abrasions.

Teeth Brushing Time

Like humans cats also need their teeth to be brushed but only when they are dirty. But checking its teeth during grooming sessions is a mandatory step, check for any black material on the teeth, check the gums they should be firm and pink, not white or red and there should be no swelling. Push back your cat’s lips, check its teeth and brush it with a soft cat toothbrush with a cat’s toothpaste as human toothpaste is not good for their tummy.


Cats usually do form some gunk or crust at the inner corner of their eye. Place your cat in a brightly lit place, wipe away the gunk or dirt with a damp cotton ball. Cut any loose long hair that may be blocking your cat’s view. 

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