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Wildfire in Australia: Koala Population declines

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I am sure everybody finds Koala just as adorable as I do. But these creatures are in danger because of the wildfire in Australia. Rescuers say that the koala population has declined to a detrimental rate They fear that hundreds of koala might have died in the Australian bushfire.

Rescuers regard this as a National Tragedy.

The Blaze went through 200 hectares of South Wales, right where the Koala breeding ground is situated and spread around 250 miles North of Sydney. The native species have already suffered a lot of loss in recent decades, yet still, the koala population continues to decline.

There are an estimated 43000 koalas left in the wild. The loss is mainly due to animal attacks, habitat loss, climate change, and diseases. Koala is now listed as vulnerable species by Australia’s Environment ministry.

How Did the Wildfire in Australia Start?

The Australian bushfire started by a lightning strike near port Macquarie. Then it went out of control.

Koalas generally climb treetops to escape the fire, but because the fire was not contained and it went out of control so it wiped out an entire colony.

Some Amazing Facts About Koalas:

Although koalas look like bears they are not related to bears at all. Koalas belong to a group of animals called marsupials. Marsupials have a pouch for carrying its newborn baby.

The newborn koala is called a joey. It lives in the mother’s pouch for six months and feeds from it. After six months the baby climbs on the mother’s back yet still dependant on the mother for food.

It is believed that koalas do not drink water. Because they get all the moisture from the leaves.

Though Koala looks small they can consume up to 1kg of leaves daily.

Koalas are lazy animals, they can sleep for up to 18 hours a day.

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